Cloudsoftware Solutions

Consolidating all of your daily operations such as: Job costing, Scheduling, Document Management along with e-mail into a Cloudsoftware system eliminates the need to focus energy on labor intensive, non-revenue producing functions such as managing spreadsheets, capturing data, manually moving data between departments and manually managing operational processes.

Working with Cloudsoftware enables you to continue to use the accounting program (such as Quickbooks or MAS90) already in use by your business.  Cloudsoftware will export the relevant accounting data into your accounting system, eliminating the need for duplicate entries resulting in fewer mistakes and higher productivity. This function can be a simple import into your accounting software or a fully integrated automatic solution.

Cloudsoftware is built on the Workxpress 5GL PaaS (Platform as a Service) delivering products designed to optimize back office business procedures.  As both a VAR (Value Added Reseller) and an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) working with Workxpress, Cloudsoftware delivers cloud development professionals on items such as structure, interface design, integrations to use, security, compliance, and scalability.  With over 30,000 users worldwide, Workxpress’ revolutionary cloud based PaaS manages terabytes of data on a daily basis.